University Life

ESTAG University is not just a school but a new beautiful world full of new innovation, new trends, new adventures, entertainment and many more. Let us take glance at the university life in ESTAG University below.


If you study here, you will receive a great education – something which lasts a lifetime. Beyond that, the extraordinary range of opportunities allows you to determine your student life at ESTAG University – it really can be what you want it to be.

There is no typical ESTAG student, and no single ESTAG experience. At the end of their time here, we want our graduates to have the self-belief to be whoever they want to be and to feel confident and excited about their future. ESTAG University curriculum sets a global standard for education, and is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. Our curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring, culturally sensitive yet international in approach.

Student Activities

We have a vibrant social life here at ESTAG University with a lot of activities ESTAG University is an institution that demonstrates equilibrium between academic and social life.

Social Life

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We assess what is of greatest value to our students

We assess what is of greatest value to our students.

ESTAG University students develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. They also gain the essential skills they need for success at university and in their future careers. Our end-of-program assessments give students focus, motivation and a challenge. We assess what is of greatest value to our students – deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher order thinking skills. Assessment is in English and is accessible to speakers of English as a second or foreign language.


Lectures are intended to supplement and support your independent studying and give information that will be relevant to what you are studying that term. ESTAG University also offers a whole range of fascinating talks on different subjects which are available for anyone to attend.

 Lectures cover important topics relating to your course, and are organized by your subject department. Different courses vary in the number of lectures that students have to attend each week, and at each stage of the degree. Science subjects tend to have a lot more lectures than arts or humanities subjects and these are normally compulsory.

All our undergraduate courses are full-time, and on average our students spend around 40 hours a week studying. Every student will manage their time differently, making sure they can fit in all their studies, hobbies and interests. Learning how to juggle all your commitments is an important part of managing your time.

Studying Independently

As an ESTAG university student you will be expected to spend a good proportion of your 40 hour week studying independently. Every course involves slightly different independent study, but the basic principle is the same no matter what you study. Around your tutorials, lectures, seminars, labs, or other classes, you’ll be expected to do your own research, usually by going through a given reading list. In this way, you will develop your knowledge and understanding in order to work your way through problem sheets or complete an essay. At your following lecture, your lecturer will feedback to you on the work which you present. Sometimes you will be expected to hand this in advance of your lecturer or you may be asked to take it along at the time.

You are likely to have a couple of hour long tutorials a week, as well as lectures and classes, but will be expected to manage most of your time yourself.


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The world is changing too fast, and young people must acquire an education that meets the contemporary setting’s demands. Arts and culture form an integral part of of far-reaching and competitive training. It

Increases Learner’s Engagement,

Arts and culture are hands-on subjects that offer immediate recompenses, for they focus on constructive developments. They develop tangible products and foster associations. For instance, learning helps students to appreciate different things in society and understand how to relate with individuals in various settings. On the other hand, arts offer unique chances for learners to showcase their capacities through authentic presentations and exhibitions.

These subjects help learners grow in assertiveness, think profoundly, and definitely about themselves and others. They provide mediums to link with others and apply new knowledge that makes learning engaging.Arts and culture aid to foster positive attitudes in learning centers and beyond. Arts bring different people together, and culture helps to appreciate each other with their diversity. They bring about understanding.


Students approach their work in their own way: whilst some people like to tackle an essay straight away, others prefer to wait for a looming deadline! Whichever style suits you, ESTAG University gives you access to all the resources you need.  If you haven’t managed your own time or studied independently before starting at ESTAG University, then don’t worry. All our new students will have different experiences of working, and that’s why we offer a lot of support at the start of your degree to help you develop the skills you’ll need. The type of help you can expect could include:

  • support from your lecturer to get you started
  • an induction to your department with explanations
  • many courses will also offer you study skills and time management training


Here at Estag University we make sure we stay healthy by giving our self’s the adequate morning and evening sport every weekends